Smarty assign array
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Smarty assign array

Download | Example. (14kb) Requirements. PHP5 installed on your server; CodeIgniter installed; Smarty installed as described in the text

May-7-2010 NOTE: this project has a new home at Google Code DOWNLOAD: GoogleMapAPI-2.5.tar.gz ANONYMOUS CVS: (leave password empty) cvs -d …

smarty assign array

Smarty assign array

$smarty->assign("ID_EN_PLANTILA", "VARIABLE"): agrega la variable dentro del indice de variables de Smarty. $smarty->display("NOMBRE_PLANTILLA"): despliegua y …

To access {assign} variables from a php script use getTemplateVars(). Here's the template that creates the variable $foo. {assign var="foo" value="Smarty"}

I wish to use a smarty variable in my javascript, but I'm not unable to do this >.


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